The cool guy’s guide to acing St Valentine’s Day

Date Posted:25 January 2016 

Ok guys, word on the street is that you’re not exactly operating to your strengths when it comes to ye olde St Valentine’s gift for your significant other. But never fear because Kaboodle Hampers are here! And we’re taking the mystery and the stress out of giving a great gift for her!


Setting the mood

All women like to be appreciated. But that doesn’t have to be a big showy gesture. What women want to hear from you most of all this St Valentine’s Day is that you care. That the mother of your children, the woman who keeps your inspirations alive or the chick that’s caught your imagination is on your mind.

We surveyed a few women to see what they thought was the ideal mood setting situation this St Valentine’s Day.

“A great meal, some good wine and lovely conversation is what does it for me.”

“It doesn’t have to be expensive and showy, but doing something we may not have done before always gets me intrigued. I love having a St Valentine’s Day adventure to remember!”

“Between the kids, work and come down from the holiday season, right now I’d settle for some time to relax and a little pampering!” 

Other things that got the thumbs up were mixed tapes of favourite songs, a special film and framed photographs of happy times gone by.


Giving the gift

Should your Valentine’s Day adventure begin in the morning and continue throughout the day? Is it OK to play the absent minded guy and surprise in the evening? Are Valentine’s gifts delivered to work appropriate? Again, our ladies were happy to give us the inside information.

“I love the anticipation of looking forward to a night of romance. So if things kick off after dark with a bang, I’m one happy girl.”

“I’ve never had a romantic gift or flowers delivered to work. While I’m not usually one for big public displays of affection, there’s a certain appeal in receiving a surprise when you least expect it!”

“It’s nice to find little things in the standard day routine have been crossed off my TO DO list. It can be as simple as surprising me with the coffee in bed or not having to worry about getting the kids ready for school. Following that up with a little parents only romance in the evening is the way to my heart!”

“However and whatever my guy decides is fine by me.”


What kinds of gifts hit the mark?

Gone are the days when the woman in your life was a chocolate box and well placed flower arrangement away from happiness. It may seem complex with champagne, dinners and all kinds of gift giving options in the mix. But the women we surveyed shared a common theme on what makes a homerun in the gift giving department.

“I want someone that is meaningful to me and is romantic, sure. But I love it so much better when we can share the experience together.”

“St Valentine’s Day is all about sharing the love. I think we’ve gotten caught up in the idea that it’s a day for women. But it’s not. It’s about celebrating that feeling someone gives you day in and day out.”

“I like a little bit of everything- wine, chocolates, pampering- so we can make it last and share it together!”


So, should you use St Valentine’s Day as a way to let a woman know you care?

If you’re single and you like someone, is St Valentine’s Day a good opportunity to let those feelings out?

“If you like someone, even a subtle gesture like a coffee invitation or asking to go for a drink can have more weight than usual. So if you’re shy or looking for a way to open the door, St Valentine’s Day is a great excuse!”

“I’ve never received a St Valentine’s Day gift from someone as a way of asking me out. But I think I’d love that if it was from the right person. I probably wouldn’t like it to happen at work. But a surprise gift with an invitation to dinner would be pretty cool.”


Would a woman like a hamper for St Valentine’s Day?

Like anything to do with the woman in your life, thinking about the person and designing the experience to suit is what matters the most. All the ladies we surveyed believed that gift giving is about thinking about the person in question and choosing something to suit their personality.

Couple with that with the desire to share the experience and the answer to whether a Kaboodle Hampers St Valentine’s Day gift giving adventure was a good one was yes!

Luckily, we have a great range of gifts for her and St Valentine’s Day hampers to choose from. And you can make your romantic moves from as little as $49.

So what are you waiting for? Make your St Valentine’s Day one to remember with Kaboodle Hampers!

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