The cool girl’s guide to St Valentine’s Day gifts

Date Posted:28 January 2016 

The guys like to think that all the St Valentine’s Day gifts are about the girls. But if you want to buck the trend and knock the socks off your guy this St Valentine’s Day, hang close. Kaboodle Hampers have some great ideas for you!


Setting the mood

In a recent Kaboodle Hampers survey of fellows, we found that most guys have a lot of trepidation when it comes to romantic gift giving. Not only because they want to give great gifts, but also because of what they receive.

The guys we spoke to all had a few simple pieces of advice to keep in mind when giving your guy a St Valentine’s Day to remember:

“Keep it simple and meaningful.”

“I don’t need a big production to know my girl cares. In past Valentine’s Days, I’ve felt guilty even for the amount of minute planning and detail had gone into things. Don’t get me wrong. I like quality gifts and surprises. But I don’t want her to spend weeks of planning hunting down individual items.”

“I’d much rather have a floor picnic or sit in front of a bunch of cheesy horror movies with a selection of beer and nibbles than hit the fancy dinner trail any day!”

“I appreciate anything my wife gives me. But the things I like the most are the things I didn’t expect. Like stuff for the tackle box or men’s grooming products. It tells me she cares.”   

The message is fairly simple- thoughtful, meaningful yet simple St Valentine’s gifts make your man’s day.


Giving the gift

Should you wait until you meet up on the night or should you make a big show at his workplace? Is gift wrapping necessary and what’s the best way to make the gift giving a success? We heard from our sample panel again.

“As much as I turn beetroot red and get ribbed by the guys in the workshop, I don’t mind getting a delivery on St Valentine’s Day. But whatever I get and whenever I get it is fine with me!”

“I prefer to exchange gifts together so that we can share the moment.”

“I am terrible. I often forget anniversaries, birthdays and special occasions. So getting her gift in the morning gives me the time to get myself organised!” 

The red hot tip here seems to be to keep your man firmly in mind when planning your gift giving situation. If you are looking to deliver your St Valentine’s Day gift to work, make sure it’s a workplace that’s appropriate. After all, no one wants to get their partner in trouble with a romantic gesture!


What kinds of gifts hit the mark?

Our guys came back with a fairly common theme. You can’t go wrong with beer, wine, liqueurs and something to munch on! Some guys dig a theme. BBQ’ing, travel and coffee also made it to the hit parade.

And of course sport and things to do with boating, fishing and camping are always popular.

Thankfully, Kaboodle has a great range of Beer and BBQ hampers and gifts for him to choose from.

The wonderful thing about the guys we surveyed was they also didn’t mind how expensive the gift. It truly was the gift giving sentiment that counts. With hampers for under $100, you can choose a hamper for him this Valentine’s Day that says it all.

If you’re looking to make a big splash or wanting to combine a January or February birthday present into the mix, we have the taste of everything gift basket to make a real statement. 


Would a guy like a hamper for St Valentine’s Day?

Yes, of course we asked the men we surveyed whether a hamper would cut the mustard this St Valentine’s Day. The answer was a resounding yes.

Some guys loved the idea of paying homage to their love of beer, BBQ or fishing with a complementing hamper. Others secretly enjoyed the idea of giving themselves a little time out through an excuse to pamper and relax.

But all the guys we surveyed thought the idea of a hamper was a great idea. Especially seeing they could share it with the lady in their life. How cute!

So what are you waiting for? Hit the Kaboodle Hampers Gift’s for Him range and discover your perfect St Valentine’s Gift for the guy in your life today!

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