Getting through a busy festive season in style

Date Posted:14 December 2015 

Christmas and the festive season aren’t always filled with carols and joy. It can be incredibly busy! Between getting prepared for relatives through to Christmas gift shopping, it can be downright difficult!

That’s why we’ve put together the Kaboodle Hampers Guide to beating festive season stress!  


Take the stress out of Christmas gift shopping

Make no bones about it, Christmas shopping is stressful. Australia’s hot summer heat is bearing down and people are in a commercial frenzy trying to find the right gift. Tired, aching feet and the public transport crush isn’t that appealing. Especially when you’re looking for the perfect gift and don’t even know what it might be. Sharp elbows from harried, angry shoppers certainly don’t help!

But there are a couple of ways you can take the strain out of Christmas shopping with a few handy tips.

  • Write a list before you go
  • Use the internet to do your research or to do your Christmas shopping
  • For big families or big companies, buy bulk gifts that cover everyone instead of individual gifts
  • Set a spending limit to take away the financial pressure

Kaboodle Hampers can help you with all this and more. All our hampers have items listed so you know what you are buying. We also have a great selection of themes. And include everything from wine, tea and coffee loving through to pampering and picnics in our hampers.

You can buy individual hampers at a starting price of only $50. And you can cater for the biggest family or largest office with our range of premium hampers.

Plus, we offer flat fee delivery and a 15% discount for all orders before 20th December 2015. And what is listed as the price is the price when you get to the checkout so you can stay on budget.

Finally, you can shop online in the comfort of your own home. Without anyone else’s sweaty summer anger ruining your Christmas gift giving experience. Or fighting for a car park or a seat on the bus! Neat, huh?


Oh those difficult conversations

You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family and co-workers. Christmas is a time where many of us find ourselves in social situations that we wouldn’t otherwise choose to be in. Having to talk to people you don’t know that well or don’t have the best rapport with can be a little difficult. Get the wrong person for Secret Santa and things really get uncomfortable.

But there are a few techniques to use to make sure your festive season conversations sparkle:

  • Choose neutral conversation topics. Nothing fires up incompatibility issues such as politics (office or otherwise), sex, gossip, and religion. Stay right away from these bad boys!
  • Ask questions instead of offer answers. People love talking about themselves. So a couple of well placed questions about hobbies, holidays and cheery subjects can help keep the conversation flowing
  • Temper your drinking. Christmas parties and festive season gatherings feature alcohol. And when we’re nervous and feeling vulnerable, we can tend to drink more than we should. Make sure you keep the water and softies handy and don't over indulge
  • Prop up the situation with props. Arm yourself with a talking point through giving gifts. Bring a hamper of gifts for the family to share on the day. Or to send a message of peace in the office by bringing a hamper for you and your colleagues to share. It not only makes you popular, it gives you something to talk about

Being a Christmas hamper company, we may be a little biased. But we also know it’s hard to be cold with someone when you’ve got a mouthful of fantastic fudge or tasty treats to nibble on! 


Missing loved ones

The modern world sees many of the people we care about in far flung places. We often feel disconnected from the ones we love because of our inability to see them on a regular basis.

But you can make small efforts cross a lot of miles by showing your loved ones you care by:

  • Making a scrap book of treasured mementos and photos. Let them know you're thinking of them by sending something that reminds them of all the fun you’ve shared. Making it on paper adds that extra bit of special as they’ll always have a tangible reminder
  • Book a Skype call or hang out together on social media. Share your news in instant message and face to face conversation. Watch the miles melt away
  • Start new traditions or revamp the old. There’s nothing to say you can’t bring a little Christmas cheer by inventing your own traditions. 
  • Send a little taste of home. We love to share meals and moments together over Christmas. So why not send a little taste of home to your far flung loved one? 

And you can make the experience extra special by sending a Kaboodle Christmas Hamper. Or if you miss the deadline, why not send an Australia Day hamper for that true slice of home?

It's the thought that counts! 


Take time out for yourself

Cleaning, shopping, cooking, booking holidays, looking after the kids on school holidays, finishing up at work, dealing with relatives, attending parties and more. You name it, the silly season has it. But how many of us stretch ourselves too thin and forget to take time out?

You can make your Christmas less stressful by:

  • Keeping up with exercise. During Christmas, many of us step off the treadmill and loosen our belt. But exercise and movement is an essential part of reducing stress. Talking a walk, going for a swim, riding your bicycle to the shops or hitting the gym are all great ways to keep the Christmas stress at bay
  • Giving yourself ‘me time’. Go for that long awaited massage. Catch the train instead of driving to the shops and take a book or your iPod. Treat yourself with a relaxing pamper session (you can do that with a Kaboodle Hamper, too!). Hit the coffee shop with a magazine and take half an hour out. Whatever you need to do, making for me time will help! 
  • Forgetting about perfection. There is no rule that says you have to get every inch of work done or that the house needs to sparkle like a palace. These are unreasonable expectations we place on ourselves. Pick what you must do and forget the rest. Your sanity is more important!


The final word on reducing Christmas stress

As a gift hamper company, we do what we can to take the stress out of your festive season shopping. 

We have a great range of Christmas hampers and our delivery cut off for Christmas delivery is December 18th.

If you happen to miss Christmas, you can pretend you’ve cut through the tradition and send an Australia Day hamper instead. So it’s fair to say we have you covered.

Our last piece of advice is about taking care of you during this hectic time of year. Make sure you reward yourself for finishing another year. Good, bad or ugly, surviving 365 days of all the things life can throw at you is an amazing achievement.

Be proud, enjoy what time you have off and reward yourself. You deserve it!

From everyone at Kaboodle Hampers, we wish you a safe and happy festive season. And a prosperous, relaxing and satisfying New Year! 

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